Chakra  Backflow Dhoop Cones

Chakra Backflow Dhoop Cones

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Scent Notes: Harmonious, Invigorating, and Balanced.
Benefits: Awaken and align your seven chakras with the vibrant scent of Chakra Incense from Satya. This incense is perfect for those seeking harmony within themselves and with the universe. It aids in creating a balanced atmosphere, promoting deep meditation, fostering self-awareness, and inviting spiritual healing. With each burn, experience a journey through your energy centres, reaching a state of complete tranquillity and inner connection.
Production: Handcrafted by artisans in India using the highest quality, vegan-friendly ingredients. Each pack contains 24 cones and each box is 105g. Each cone will burn for approximately 30 minutes, leaving a lingering, transformative scent for hours after use.

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