FAQs Oracle and Tarot Cards

Basics of Oracle and Tarot Cards

What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?
Tarot cards are a structured system usually comprising 78 cards, divided into the Major and Minor Arcana. Each card and placement in a spread has a specific meaning. Oracle cards, in contrast, are more free-form with no standard number of cards or systematic meanings, offering intuitive insights that are often immediately applicable to various life situations.
How do I choose between tarot and oracle cards?
The choice depends on your preference for structure or flexibility in spiritual tools. Tarot cards are great for those who appreciate detailed, traditional systems of divination. Oracle cards might be better suited for those who prefer more freedom and personal interpretation in their readings.

Using Oracle and Tarot Cards

How do I get started with reading tarot or oracle cards?
Begin by spending time with your deck. Examine the imagery and let your intuition respond to the visuals and symbolism. Start with simple layouts, such as a one-card daily draw or a three-card spread to represent past, present, and future. Trust your own insights and reactions to the cards as you interpret their significance to your questions or life situations.
What are some common spreads for reading tarot cards?
For tarot beginners, try these easy spreads:
  • The Three-Card Spread: Useful for understanding dynamics like past, present, and future, or situation, action, and outcome.
  • The Daily Card Draw: Pull one card each day to gain a reflective insight or thought to ponder.
  • The Five-Card Spread: Offers a broader perspective on a specific question or situation.
Can I use oracle cards in conjunction with tarot cards?
Yes, combining tarot and oracle cards in readings can be very insightful. Oracle cards can provide overarching themes and additional layers of emotional or spiritual context, enriching the detailed insights from tarot spreads.

Caring for Your Cards

How should I store and care for my cards?
Store your cards in a clean, dry place, ideally in a box or wrapped in a cloth to protect them. Storing them with crystals or other cleansing items can help maintain their energy, keeping them ready for use.
Do I need to cleanse my tarot or oracle cards?
Cleansing your cards regularly is recommended, especially if they are used frequently. Methods include leaving them in moonlight, using cleansing crystals, or simply knocking on the deck three times with the intent to clear accumulated energies.

Purchasing Oracle and Tarot Cards

How do I choose a deck that's right for me?
Focus on the artwork and how it makes you feel. A strong personal connection to the visual elements of a deck enhances your intuitive engagement during readings. Choose a deck whose images you find inspiring and easy to interpret on a personal level.
Where can I buy authentic oracle and tarot cards?
At Violet Moon, we offer a selection of authentic, high-quality oracle and tarot cards. Browse our online collection to find a deck that resonates with your spiritual and aesthetic preferences.