Aventurine Bracelet

Aventurine Bracelet

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Power bracelets consist of small spherical crystals strung together on a piece of elastic thread, which can then be worn on the wrist. The qualities of the particular crystal used will then influence you as you go about your life. By wearing a particular bracelet, you are inviting the energy of that particular crystal into your life.


Aventurine Properties:
  • Attracts abundance and good fortune

  • Promotes a feeling of physical well-being

  • Heightens perception

  • Prevents overproduction of adrenalin

  • Stabilizes blood pressure

  • Stimulates metabolism

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Eases skin eruptions and allergies

  • Balances male-female energy

  • Stabilizes your state of mind and enhances creativity

  • Settles nausea

  • Calms anger or irritation

  • Helps calm anxiety and panic attacks

  • All around healer bringing emotional calm

Size of Beads: Diameter approximately 8mm.