Selenite is a stunningly beautiful crystal; it almost seems to glow from the inside and its one I feel very connected to.

Associated with the higher crown chakra Selenite brings clarity of mind. It has a calm and deeply peaceful vibe making it perfect for meditation and spiritual work.

Selenite is a cleansing crystal and can be used to cleanse your home, yourself, and even other crystals. Selenite towers placed in the 4 corners of your home will clean and filter the energy removing any negative influences.

Selenite wands are ideal for cleansing yourself, simply running a Selenite wand around your aura will sweep any toxic energy that has attached to you during the day. For cleansing and charging other crystals just placing them beside or on a selenite plate or slab will work, due to selenite's calming aura it will programme your crystals to the same vibration making it great for some like Amethyst but not so great for others like tiger's eye which I prefer to charge in the sun.

Selenite aids us in keeping a balance in our lives, repelling outside influences, reminding us to listen to ourselves.

This angelic crystal helps you make contact with any guides or guardians you may work with. Connecting with the crown chakra, it highers low vibrations making it easier to connect to spiritual realms.

Unlike most other crystals and stones Selenite is self-cleansing but if you want to give it an extra boost use the moons energy to charge. Likewise using selenite around a full moon will amplify both energies.

Selenite dissolves and crumbles in water so never use it to make crystal water, elixirs, or cleansing.

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