Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is probably the most commonly recognizable and widely available crystal out there, so I decided to start with it. it is also one of the most powerful and versatile, making it an essential piece and one of the first crystals you should add to your collection.

Clear quartz is considered the master crystal, it infuses all the colours of the rainbow and can be used to substitute for any crystal you may not have in meditation or spell work.

Clear Quartz Tumbers

Has an uplifting vibe and can be used to amplify other crystals.

Wearing clear quartz can help us to think more positively and give us some extra stamina when we start to feel sluggish. For this reason, if you keep large pieces of clear quartz in your bedroom you might find it difficult to sleep.

Clear quartz attunes itself to the energy of the person using it so is excellent for healing and spiritual work, a deep soul cleanser. It raises energy to its highest level and enhances physic abilities.

Stimulates the immune system and brings your body back into balance. Aligns with all chakras

Helps with concentration and memory, making it ideal to have some on your desk in work or for study.

Use in meditation to filter out distractions.

Clear Quartz Tower

Clear quartz is a sturdy crystal so all types of cleansing and charging can be used and because it is great at storing and amplifying energy you can programme your clear quartz with different elements depending on what you are using it for. If you want to use it to bring some positivity to you and more stamina charge it under the sun, for healing purposes bury it in the earth so it absorbs natural healing properties.


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Clear Quartz