How To Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Crystals and gemstones absorb, store and amplify energy, positive and negative. During a crystals journey to you it has passed through many hands absorbing different energies, for this reason it’s always good practice to cleanse and charge any new crystal or stone you get.

There are several ways you can go about it, you may have a preference for one and that’s absolutely fine. Just be sure to do some research as some crystals can be damaged by water, sunlight and salt.


Smoke Cleansing

This involves passing the crystal through the smoke of burning incense or herbs to cleanse and remove negative energy. Sage, palo santo (ethically sourced) and sweetgrass are good choices.



Sound vibrations can also be used to cleanse and charge crystals. A Tibetan singing bowl produces a lovely sound but clapping or singing if you like will work as well.



Both are great for cleansing and charging at the same time. Moonlight is a nice gentle way and is safe for all crystals. Sunlight is great for supercharging and setting intentions for high focus. Be aware though that some crystals don’t do well in sunlight for long periods of time resulting in fading of colour, esp amethyst.



A natural source of running water like a stream or river. Moon water or snow is just as effective, again do some research here as some crystals will dissolve in water.



Burying your crystal in the earth overnight will both cleanse and charge. You could also use a bowl with sand.



Fill a bowl with salt and place your crystals point down to cleanse. You’ll want to use sea salt for this. Don’t use salt on carnelian.


Other Crystals

There are some crystals that I not only cleanse themselves but will also cleanse other crystals too. Selenite are great for this. You can buy selenite charging slabs to put your crystals on or add some crystals to a bag with a piece of selenite.

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