Citrine is a crystal of abundance and sharing.
It's excellent for manifesting wealth, success and prosperity (I always keep a piece of citrine in my purse to help increase the flow of money). It encourages sharing while also helping you hold on to what you have.
With its bright and sunny energy citrine is a great pick meup when you need a quick boost. During the winter if I'm feeling a bit gloomy I'll burn some lemon oil while holding or meditating with my citrine and it helps brighten things up. 
A joyful crystal that gently balances the chakras, transmutes and grounds negative energy. Citrine raises self esteem and confidence by removing destructive tendencies. It improves motivation amd creativity. Artists and musicians will find this a useful crystal to keep beside them or their art tools and instruments.
An excellent stone for overcoming fears and phobias it promotes inner calm and refreshes the mind.
If you're looking to bring some joy into your life then Citrine is the perfect crystal for you.
Citrine is a self cleansing crystal. It's color will fade in sunlight.
Be aware when buying citrine some sellers try to pass off heat treated amethyst as citrine.
Natural citrine is a pale yellow colour while heat treated amethyst is orange to brown. Natural citrine will also be more expensive as its comparatively rarer.
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